Things that go “thump” overhead

Apartment living is a bit of an adjustment – not a bad one, just different.  It’s been a long time since I lived in a place where there were multiple families/units.  In fact, I suspect that the last one was when I was in a dorm – a long time ago!

When we moved into our apartment, we thought we might at least meet some of our neighbors, but even though my husband has met the folks directly across from us on the day we moved in, we haven’t seen or heard them since.  Everyone pretty much keeps to themselves.

I requested a second floor apartment because I thought it might be less “basement-y”, and we are pretty satisfied with it overall.  In the course of the month we have lived here, we have “tweaked” our storage, thrown out tons of boxes, discovered more “stuff” we really didn’t need, and decided that, if or when we DO move again, we will box it all up and let the movers take care of the rest.

Maybe the most interesting thing has been the thumping on the ceiling from our overhead neighbors.  They have a little child – probably two or three who doesn’t seem to sit still a lot, so we hear the pounding of little feet regularly.  The parents aren’t particularly quiet with their feet either, but then, I figure it’s more because of the way the building is made than because they are purposely trying to make noise. It has me wondering what the people or person who live below us hears!

Interestingly, the rest of the noise is really subdued.  We don’t hear voices, unless the child is crying or screaming loudly near the windows, and we there is no sound from the television, cooking in the kitchen, or much of anything else.  The units are, as the manager told me, a quiet place to live.  That’s fine with us, actually.

I’m adjusting to the thumping, and I know it goes with the territory, so I’m not upset about it.  As I said, everyone pretty much keeps to themselves.  It will be interesting to see how things go throughout the rest of the year.

My husband is a very friendly guy, and we have decided that we will at least say “hi” to people.  I think he may see it as his mission to create a little friendliness in the complex, and that would be fine if it happens.

There is an interesting unspoken code of helpfulness when a package is delivered.  It is placed in the entryway to the security doorbells, and someone usually moves it inside the locked entrance.  That’s a nice neighborly thing to do, anyway.

At first we thought we were probably the oldest folks in the complex, but we are finding a huge age range.  The majority really are those with no children, and there are students, newly graduated twenty somethings who have just started working, as well as single folks and retirees, and the whole gamut.  I also like that we have diversity in race and ethnicity.

So, the adventure continues with lots of learning, a little adjusting, and some interesting people watching that is always fascinating.  Next week, I will have my right knee replaced, so my recovery will keep me inside for a little while.  I wonder what I will discover then!


One thought on “Things that go “thump” overhead

  1. Like you Deb I have not lived in a rental since 1965 & that was a single family home in Bar Harbor. I sold my home August 2013, moved here at the same time. Elderly man upstairs brought me a welcoming gift..he is now in a nursing home. One & only ONE neighbor has introduced themselves…….seems very odd, one woman waves as we drive by one another.thats it. I’m quessing folks who rent in a neighborhood of home owners are frowned upon.Seems very odd to me.


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