A Romantic Afternoon at the Laundromat

A number of things have come back into our lives as we adjust to apartment living.  Although we have a laundry area in our building, there are only two washers and two dryers – both coin operated.  So, this past week, Dave and I packed up a week and a half worth of laundry in duffle bags, along with our detergent and dryer sheets and headed to the local laundromat which is pretty much right around the corner from us.

I had forgotten those long days of sitting in the laundromat!  It was quite a while ago!  However, it’s also another opportunity for Dave and me to spend quality time together and to do some decision making – like do we wash all the darks together and divide up the lights and whites.  I mean, this is critical because I DO that, and he is a self-admitted “throw-it-all-in-together” washer.

Since I had been doing all the laundry myself (mostly), it also gave me the freedom to let him fold his only clothes.  I discovered that I have been folding things he just throws in his drawer!  (I never touch dresser or put his things away – they are his!)

The nice part is that we found a compatibility in the rhythm that developed of putting sorting, washing, drying, and folding (those things that we folded!).  It was a nice quiet afternoon in spite of someone who was smoking right outside the door and a child who was pushing a cart all over the place and hollering as she went.

We found diversity in the people who were there and a camaraderie with them since we were all in the same boat (so to speak).  Even though we didn’t have long conversations with anyone, there was still an acceptance that we had a task to do, and we did it without bothering each other.  We were friendly about it.

Dave and I talked about our week past and the one to come, and we did a small assessment of how we thought the move had gone.  The cats seem to have adjusted, and we can even begin to see the floor of the apartment!  More and more boxes are disappearing, and we actually had our first real home-cooked meal this week!

Without a doubt, the laundromat has become a new place for us to connect with each other and neighbors.  Maybe having our own washer an dryer in the unit is over rated.  Well, maybe.


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