Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes

Downsizing from a two story, four bedroom house with a full basement to an apartment half the size has been quite a journey!  We had started as early as two years ago to downsize, as I have previously mentioned in other blog posts.  But somehow the clock found a way to speed time up, and suddenly we were at the moving date.  Now, how did that happen so fast?

Fortunately, one of the churches I serve has a large yard sale and plenty of storage space, so we were able to donate a lot of stuff to them for their sale.  I can’t even count how many large trash bags went out week after week (how did we ever accumulate so much useless or outdated stuff?).

Dave rented a van the week before the actual move, and we took a load up to the apartment.  I spent some time lining shelves in the kitchen, figuring out what kind of space saving storage we might need, and acquainting myself with the resident ants (we will be taking care of that problem this week!).

One of the things that was an “aha” happened when I discovered how many duplicates we had of everything:  two sets of cleaning for the bathrooms, probably six boxes of different sized band aids, two sets of toothbrushes and toothpaste, stockpiles of shampoo, body wash, and the list could go on and on.  In the house, we had two full bathrooms, and at the apartment, we have one.

Of course, all that stuff will eventually disappear as we use it up, but it’s interesting living with a maze of boxes, totes, furniture, and so forth that we are discovering isn’t really all that necessary.  So, more “stuff” for the yard sale!

One of the cats who is cute and very innocent discovered the full length mirror in the bedroom.  She would look into the mirror and back away from it, then peek around the corner at it and see herself, back up again, and look again.  We haven’t had a full length mirror anywhere they have lived, so it was a fun discovery for us to watch.

They have adjusted pretty well, thanks to advice from our wonderful veterinarian who made some suggestions for helping to reduce their anxiety.  Now with all the boxes everywhere, they are happily exploring their cardboard jungle and waking us up in the middle of the night by jumping on the bed as if to say, “There you are!”

The thing with the maze or jungle of boxes and moving crates is that it keeps shifting, so it isn’t always the same.  Actually, it is slowly reducing in size as we empty things, but when we want to set something up or put something away, we have to shift the piles to another configuration.  Eventually, we’ll get there!

One side affect of all this is the fatigue.  I’m reminded every day that I’m not getting any younger, and even though I’m in good health (except for a bad knee), I’m wiped out by supper time.  Taking care of myself has to be a priority so I have the energy to do my work (which continues for another month), and so I can keep settling into our new home.  Thankfully, I’m not doing it alone!  Dave is doing his share, too.

It’s quite an adventure!  Now, let me see . . . where did I pack that notebook I needed?


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