On the Move

Anyone who has been reading my blog knows that my husband, Dave, and I have been looking for an apartment for several months now.  We finally found one after visiting half a dozen complexes and touring a sample apartment.  It’s amazing what surprises can be found!

The first one we saw had a base rent, but as the sales rep began talking with us, we discovered that we had to pay monthly rent for the cats, had add-ons for trash pick-up, paying most of the utilities, and several other things (I can’t remember).  All-in-all, we would have paid about $300 a month more than what they listed as the rent.

There was a condo we really liked, but we were late in putting in our application, and then we discovered that 500 people had shown an interest, some never even looked at it.  Another one ran background and credit checks, and for some long-winded reason, they decided that our credit wasn’t old enough to accept us as residents.  (I don’t figure stuff like that out very well, so I can’t really explain it much.)  Needless to say, we moved on.

One of the first apartments we viewed was a flat – all on one level.  All the others were townhouse style with stairs to the second floor.  I liked the complex and was impressed with the manager.  But we didn’t pursue it right away because we wanted to see what else was available.  Finally, after looking at another large complex where we would have to buy a lawnmower and be responsible for shoveling, as well as all the utilities, we went back to the “flat” (sounds sort of British, doesn’t it!).

Everything went through well, and we rented starting the first of May.  We have moved a lot of stuff in, and the movers come on Saturday to move our furniture.  Both of us are happy with our decision, and it seems to be a quiet place with lots of opportunities:  a workout room, an outdoor pool, rent that has few add-ons, and it seems to be managed very well.

My advice to anyone who is looking is to do your homework.  View the property and ask lots of questions.  Take reviews on line with a grain of salt (most of them are negative and written by people who were angry because they were being held accountable).  Pay attention to the person who is showing you the property and their attitudes and be sure to find out what the add-ons are.

So, we are one more step to retirement.  It’s hard to believe that it’s almost here!  There are many good things about downsizing and getting ready to move on to a new chapter in our lives.  I have a list of ideas for what I want to do next, and I’m sure that God will open doors for me to discover where I am called to be in this new time and experience.

More to come!


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