One More Step

After over a month of hunting, visiting apartment complexes, and calculating what we can afford in renting an apartment, my husband and I have finally decided on one!  It was far more time consuming than I anticipated, but setting up appointments and viewing them before hand was the only way to figure out what would work for us.

We also figured out that we had to be more flexible in our time frame, and we have actually ended up moving about three weeks earlier than planned.  Actually, we are taking the apartment as of May 1 but moving in the middle of the month.  This allows the Trustees of the church to come into the parsonage and do the upgrades and minor repairs that need to be made before the next pastor arrives.

In the meantime, we have been sorting, cleaning, and purging A LOT.  I made a list of what we think we will keep, and we already know that we’ll have to downsize again.  I found things I didn’t remember I had, and I found dust in corners and underneath furniture that I suspect has been there for quite a while.

We had a recliner that I had covered with a tan, fitted cover and discovered just how green the chair was !  It looks so much better!  Originally, I put the cover on because we had cats climbing all over the chair.  When I freed the chair from it’s trapping, I also found dust and cat hair everywhere, so it was thoroughly vacuumed.

Of course, now one of the cats has claimed it as her chair!  Friends who have experienced knee replacements tell me that the recliner will become my best friend after my surgery, so I guess the cat and I will share it together!

What I have found as we sort and clean out is that there is a certain amount of setting ourselves free from too much:  too much stuff, too much clutter, too many unused items, too much unnecessary accumulation.  Actually, moving is proving to be a blessing for us as we remind ourselves that we really didn’t need everything we had packed away in closets and rooms and drawers.

Maybe the “stuff” really does drag us down and becomes too important in our lives.  I mean, think about it.  What do you have that you have never used but stored away for just the “right time”?  How many books are on the shelves that you haven’t ever read, but intend to read “some day”?  What different sizes of clothing are in your closet that you are holding onto “just in case” you lose weight?  Or – you can ask your own questions about the “stuff” of your life.

I’m learning about myself and my own attachments to things, and most of the time I don’t need many of them.  Simplifying our lives starts with cleaning up the things that hold us down or aren’t really necessary for our own happiness.  It really doesn’t matter where we begin to clean out, just that we begin somewhere.


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