Hearing Aids

For a year or so, I have been thinking that everyone was just speaking softer.  I kept repeating “What?” to my husband and blamed it on bad timing because he would always try to tell me something when the garage doors were being opened or shut or I was running water and brushing my teeth – you get the idea!

So about six months ago, my primary care doctor sent me to have my hearing checked.  The young man (I swear he was twelve years old!) who said he was a doctor (and truthfully he was, but just didn’t look old enough!) told me that I flunked my hearing test!  Well…..

That was about all the information he gave me, so I said I would think about things and wait a while.  Of course, that weighed on my mind and in my ears.  I think my hearing – or diminished hearing capacity – weighed heavily on my mind, so when I received an invitation to have my hearing tested free through Miracle Ear, I decided to give it a try.  Of course, it helped that they bribed me with a $20 gift card to Target!  I figured I could take the test, get the card, and forget about the rest.

It didn’t work that way.  The man who tested my ears gave me a very thorough explanation with charts and graphs to show me all about ears and how hearing and the brain are connected.  He said that if there is hearing loss, it should be addressed right away.  Tests have shown that starting with hearing aids when the loss is minimal will help to delay dementia.

Since my Mom died from the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease, that got my attention, so we proceeded with the tests, and he affirmed what the previous tests had shown – I have hearing loss.  This is not a surprise since my dad has severe hearing loss, and it runs in my family, although usually later.  Oh wait – I’m not that many years from being 70!  Aaaugh!

Anyway, needless to say, I am now wearing hearing aids; it’s one more thing to take with me into retirement!  So far, I’ve had them on for three days, and I am hearing things better.  My first reaction when I left the building after being fitted and driving my car out of the parking lot was that my blinkers were really loud!

My husband, who has supersonic hearing, thought that was hysterical.  I still say “what?” a lot, and he still tries to talk to me when the garage doors are opening or the water is running – the hearing aids won’t take care of that.  But I think I’m remembering better and recognizing sounds more clearly again.  It will take time to adjust to them, and, of course, it also helps to remember to put them in my ears in the morning!  (Twice I have forgotten them and had to go back upstairs to get them.)  Well, two out of three days isn’t so bad I guess.

I wonder what’s around the next corner!  Maybe I’ll hear it before it arrives!


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