Apartment Hunting

As Dave and I have searched through ideas for apartments, condos, or houses to rent, we discovered that the middle of March is actually a good time to be looking.  Many apartments have listings that say they will be available June 1st (which is our goal date for being in our new place).

What we are discovering is that the apartments are all pretty similar in design with the basic kitchen, living room, bedroom idea, and many of them look alike in a lot of ways.  However, square footage is vastly different.  We know that we need more space than a one bedroom apartment provides, so we are looking at two bedrooms and would love to have a washer dryer in unit.

For those apartments that are townhouse style, we are also discovering that the bathroom is upstairs.  I can just imagine working in the kitchen and having to use the facilities, running upstairs and barely making it.  However, it also doesn’t make sense to have them all downstairs when we would be showering in the morning and getting ready for the day.

The solution will probably be to find an apartment that’s all on one level or one with a bath and a half (not readily abundant apparently!).  If we do end up with a one bathroom situation, Dave and I will have to learn how to coordinate our bladders so we aren’t both in need at the same time!

Another interesting thing about apartment hunting is reading the reviews from tenants or former tenants.  As in most cases, the disgruntled ones are the ones who rant on and on about what a horrible place it has been to live and how uncooperative the management has been.

In some cases, the management responds to the review and explains what happened.  It’s interesting to read both sides of the story.  In nearly every case, it was a tenant who mistreated the property or wasn’t particularly responsible with getting payments in on time.  I always have the philosophy that we generate negative or positive in the ways we interact with people.  We do have a choice, and even when renting, we also have to be good stewards of what we have been given.

I’m pretty excited about beginning this search, and I’m trying to be patient because I don’t want to rush into anything.  So, we’ll see where it leads.  We will be looking at two complexes within the next three or four days.  I’m writing my list of what we are most interested in having, so that will help.  I think keeping an open mind and knowing what is the priority is a good way to approach this.  That – and trusting in God’s help for patience and discernment.


One thought on “Apartment Hunting

  1. Here’s to finding just what you need! From what we’ve discovered, second bath on different floor was fine when we moved in here…..but as we move into our 80’s both on same floor– GOOD IDEA!! 😉


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