Inching Closer

I just finished a class on joint replacement yesterday.  Ah – something to look forward to!  Actually, I am anxious to be able to walk without limping, so I AM looking forward to having the operation behind me.  But I still have a long way to go before I get there.

As I’m moving closer to retirement and my knee replacement, I am keeping busy with serving two active congregations and working with the lay leadership to build them up and help them move into the transition.  Of course, in the midst of all that, we also will take time to grieve our separation by finding ways to say “good bye” and “God be with you.”

We are in the middle of February, and we haven’t even reached Ash Wednesday, but I suspect once we do, time will seem to fly.  Lent is a busy season in the church, and there are a lot of activities, planning, and preparation for our major holy day of Easter.

It helps not to think too far ahead, even though that is what I have had to do to prepare.  So I put it on paper and on the schedule, plan out my sermons and hymns, and then go back to one week at a time for the preparation.

I’ve never physically given birth to a child, but I can imagine that the preparation for the arrival of that child has a similar process.  Nine months may seem like a long time, but as the pregnancy progresses, the time shortens, and lots of things are happening inside as well as outside.

Maybe the reality of actually retiring hasn’t hit me yet, but I am happily anticipating it – yes – even with the knee replacement as my first official retirement “gift.”  I have started making a list of things I would like to try or resume or continue such as singing in a choir, going back to writing, or taking some classes at Senior college.

One thing I did following a parishioner’s encouragement was to sign up for a Tai Chi for arthritis class.  I tried Tai Chi once before and could never remember the order of the moves, but my parishioner said that it didn’t matter, and it helped her a lot.  So, that one more thing I can add to my list.  Maybe I’ll actually get good at it!

In the midst of some of the heaviest snowfalls here in Maine this winter, I have had more time to stay inside, reflect, try to do a few sorting and cleaning things, and know that it will be good.  It will all be good.  Maybe that’s why I’m not anxious about the retirement, and the days are inching along rather than flying.  It could change once Lent and Easter arrive, but for now, I’m enjoying the “inching.”


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