Checking Another One off the List

Well, I finally scheduled my knee replacement surgery for June 27th.  That will be about two weeks after I actually stop working at the churches because I’m taking my final two weeks vacation at the end of June.  I’ll head right into retirement from there, so I figured it was good to get it scheduled and out of the way.  Check another one off the list.

Dave has a new job which is a good move for him.  Since it is located in Scarborough, that is where we will be looking for housing, and we have found some possibilities that we can even afford!  The biggest concern will be having an all ground level home/apartment so I don’t have to deal with stairs.  Eventually, I’ll have to have my other knee done (but please  – one knee at a time!).

That is another one to check off the list, because trying to decide where we will settle has been so up in the air.  I like to at least have an idea of where to being looking, and even though I had really crossed Scarborough off the list (for a variety of reasons), I’m now quite happy with the possibilities that we have.  We’ll start looking in April which is what one of the apartment complex guidelines suggested – two months ahead of when we want to move.

In the meantime, I continue to keep myself organized as much as possible around the work that needs to be done in the churches, as well as at the parsonage.  We are still trying to par down our possessions and have made headway!  Yet, I look at the shelves in my study and realize that I still have a long way to go.  My hope is that I’ll be able to continue to give books to someone I’m mentoring, as well as just pack many of them up for the yard sales at the two churches.

Somehow all this has an air of unreality to it, but there is also a sense of excitement to see where we will end up living and what other things we will check off the list as we go.  Who would have thought that two people could end up with so much stuff!  This has been really good for us!  And I want to get as much done as possible so we can move, get unpacked to the best of our ability and have some sense of being settled in before my surgery.

In the meantime, I keep checking and double checking how we are doing as we inch closer and closer to the middle of June.  It’s five months away at this point, and with Lent and Easter in the middle of that, time will fly.  My trainer at the gym keeps reminding me to be mindful – it’s good advice for everything!  The journey continues!


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