Slogging Along

I haven’t written for a while, mainly because we really have been slogging along.  There is much to do in transitioning out of the congregations, and it’s not wise to rush into it too quickly.  The planning is in process, and I have “started the ball rolling” by sending in my intentions to the Board of Ministry to change my status with the Annual conference from active full time Elder in appointment to retired.

Dave definitely is planning to work after retirement, so that helped with the decision about where to live and eliminated buying an RV in which to travel.  We will be staying in the area where we are now because that’s where his work will be.  In addition, I will probably be having a knee replacement sometime shortly after retirement, so I won’t be working anywhere for a while, anyway.  Maybe something will come up later on.

So, it seems like we are “slogging along” in slow motion, and yet, here we are almost half way through October, and I know that the time will fly.  Planning, for me is always how I cope with change, and it’s been hard to plan.  I get frustrated when I can’t settle on something and go from there, but this is challenging me to slow down, enjoy what I’m doing now and where I’m doing it, pay attention to my parishioners and making it a good year.

I told my District Superintendent that I’ve taken a page out of David Ortiz’ (Boston Red Sox) retirement year and trying to just enjoy and celebrate what I do and love to do even while looking forward to the new chapter in my life starting July 1.  I’m not sure I’ll go out with over 30 homeruns and breaking all records for runs batted in or walk off game savers, and that’s not my intention.

My hope is that we can truly work together in partnership as pastor and congregation to be ready for me leaving and them welcoming a new pastor.  It’s hard not to know the future, but I have to trust that God is already there.  So we’ll continue to slog – not in a bad way – in a way that celebrates who we are and Whose we are, and in thinking about how we can make this an Ortiz type of last year together.


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