Who would have thought one could accumulate so much stuff!  Occasionally, I’m tempted to watch “Buried Alive,” a reality TV show that goes into people’s home where they have hoarded so much that they can barely move in their homes.  I haven’t succumbed to watching it, even though I know that, even though we have a lot of things, it’s not even close to something like that – thankfully!

Yet, we DO have a lot.  Some of us pastors admit to being “book-aholics.”  Every time I go to our annual conference, the Christian Bookstore associated with our denomination is there with tons of new books, ideas, reading material, etc.  I used to come away with a huge shopping bag full of books that I may or may not read.  They filled my shelves nicely, though!

Over the past few months, both Dave and I have given away lots of books!  To look at my bookshelves, however, we might not notice it so much.  We have gone through our clothes in the drawers and closets and given away a lot of the items we never wear any more.  Of course, in my case, it’s more about trying to live in the present and stop hanging on to smaller sized “just in case” I take off weight.  I’m trying to live in the size I am now!

We have also donated some of the household items that we don’t use any more to church yard sales and will be doing more of that over the course of this coming year.  By downsizing to an apartment, we know we will be getting rid of furniture, too, so my hope is that we can keep at it.

Someone asked me a few weeks ago at coffee fellowship how the downsizing was going.  I had to be honest and say that we haven’t made much of a dent – or at least it doesn’t seem that way.  In fact, we have sort of slowed way down, but we both know we need to keep at it.  Maybe it’s easier to just do a little at a time.

For example, on Sunday evening, we emptied the top shelves of the pantry and found a glass pitcher we have NEVER used, as well as a whole bunch of glass storage containers that we no longer need.  That made those two shelves look pretty empty, but it was a good feeling to know we had made a little progress.

So the downsizing continues, along with the search for discernment and direction.  It’s exciting to see where God will lead us, but we need to be prepared, too!  Onward!


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