July 13, 2016

I’m not a chess player, and I really didn’t do well at even Checkers.  Both require some ability to think beyond the next move and have a strategy.  Actually I strategize fairly well when it comes to planning my schedule and keeping my calendar up to date.  But this whole thinking a year ahead before I retire is a little frustrating.

In last week’s blog, I talked about the four alternatives that my husband (Dave) and I were considering.  It was interesting to have several concerned reactions to the idea of RV-ing full time.  Actually, I was pretty interested in it until Dave reminded me that he wants to work at least part time after we retire.  So the RV-ing will be put on hold for a little while until we decide how to afford it and whether or not that is actually what we want to do.

We have ruled out buying a house, so that leaves renting an apartment or requesting a part time pastorate with a parsonage for the beginning of July 2017.  Of course, we have floundered around with what to do for over a year already, so it could change again.

What is unsettling to me is that, even though I don’t generally plan out my life that far ahead, I DO like to have a plan of action.  Okay, so I know that we are looking eleven months down the road, so I shouldn’t be in a panic.

My dad reminds me that things can happen to change everything anyway.  When he and Mom were ready to retire, they hadn’t planned on moving back to our hometown, but my uncle offered him a part time job, so that’s where they ended up moving.

I only get into anxiety mode occasionally, so I guess that’s good.  There is so much more that needs to be done, so I’ve decided to focus on that for now.  We REALLY need to start downsizing the stuff we have, and we have done a little bit.  There is so much more.

I had a friend who started downsizing over the course of the year before she retired, and by the time she moved into her much smaller apartment, she pretty much was at the right amount of “stuff.”  So, I guess that’s my goal for the moment.

Now – I just need to DO it!


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