The Journey Begins

I have been blogging as a pastor for quite a few years, and this year marks a transition year for me.  In October I will celebrate my sixty-sixth birthday and plan to retire at the end of June 2017.  After 25 years in ministry, I am looking forward to this new chapter.

It seems to me that the journey over the course of this year will be interesting, fun, challenging, sad, frustrating, joyful, and any myriad of feelings that will assault me or sneak up on me as I travel through the course of the last year together with the two congregations I serve.

My husband and I have wrestled with so many questions already, and much of what we are trying to decide leads us to go around and around about where to live, whether to rent or own, will we have enough money, and any number of “wonderings” that go along with lifestyle changes.

We have four options, actually:  buy a house, rent an apartment (or house), request a part time church with a parsonage, or begin RV-ing full time.  At this point we have seriously considered the apartment rental and the RV living, but we have also wavered between all of them for at least the last twelve or more months.  There is much to decide, and suddenly, we have to really be serious about it!

This blog is my attempt at sorting things out and inviting anyone who might want to follow along to join me as I write and wonder and look forward to traveling through this year.  So, the journey begins.  Welcome aboard!


2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Interesting your picture could be either a sunrise or sunset. Guess standing on the brink of retirement is like seeing both at once.


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